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Bridge the Gap!

Do you recognise below challenges in Laboratory Automation?

  1. Employes spend to much time on data entry, review and reporting
  2. It is difficult to find data
  3. Administration and qualifcation of ICT solutions cost too much money and time
  4. No automated data exchange
  5. Paperless please!
  6. Data Integrity and Inspection readyness

Nous Labautomation Support helps to improve your laboratory ICT solutions

With our approach in 3 stages the Laboratory ICT processes and systems will be adapted.

In stage 1 An analysis is made of the processes, data streams and available ICT solutions.

In stage 2 The ideal solution is designed. The ideal solution should match the business processes and regulatory demands.

In this stage the realization projects are identified together with a business case that visualizes the company benefits.

Possible solutions are improvements or implementations of LIMS, ELN, CDS en EDMS systemen. In small organizations other solutions might be designed.

In stage 3 all improvements are to be realized

Nous Labautomation Support bridges the gap between the Lab and ICT

ICT Departments do not understand the specific needs within the lab environment. This leads to lengthy and tyring discussions.
Using my communication skills, ICT- and Laboratory knowledge I help the Lab to translate the requirements into usefull language for the ICT departments.